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 All Training , including :
       Under Saddle Training
       Problem Solving
       Ground work basics

       Starting under saddle requires 2 month minimum

      Full Training 
       Board is included 

     30 day tune-ups available, priced individually

     * NEW OPTION *  Trail ride training $450/mo. 
          Available for horses that need basics and experience becoming independent, safe, trail horses.  This is available for horses that have prior work under saddle. Requires pasture board .

       ( Full and partial training without stall board may be available on limited basis in summer season, dependent on weather and type of training required. )

     Stallion  add additional $100/mo.

      Vet . and Farrier visits can be arranged by farm for a handling fee of $10/horse/visit.  Payment must be made in advance for these services.  

 Specialty feeds, turnout, and lunging can be arranged to suit the needs of clients.

3 year old Andalusian/T.B. filly  60 days under saddle- Descarada
Pistolero  3 year old Andalusian colt. First week under saddle
3 year old Reina --- less than 60 days under saddle
1/2 Andalusian filly
Descarada at regionals as 4 year old.. Grand Champion Mare . Plus ***Winning USEF Reserve Champion Saddle Horse and Preformance Horse for Area and receives National Ranking. ....( This was her first IALHA Regional Horse Show under saddle ! )
Trainer has over 40 years starting horses under saddle( beginning professional career as youth ), and has won many Regional awards and qualified numerous horses for National shows in many  different breeds and diciplines-- including Morgan, Paint, Andalusian, and Arabian.
  Each horse is treated as an individual and the training is tailored for the temperment , physical development, and style of riding appropriate for the equine student.

Experience in most diciplines...from regional wins in All Western Styles, Eventing, Dressage, Pleasure and Obstacle Driving, Hunter, Ponies, Timed Events, most US Breed shows , 4-H, and RACING.   ( 8 years as  Jockey -QH-TB-Arabian- Appie)
Gitano ( ASP Stallion) starting combined driving
Grand Champion '07 Regionals
4 year old filly winning multiple firsts at her debut
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All horses in training will first learn the basics of handling on the ground before being ridden.   

The amount of time spent with ground work will be determined by the horse.  
  All horses have to be ready in their mind as well as their body to be able to understand and fulfill the owner/rider wishes.
  Beside learning to lead quietly,-- this means that a program of lunging, work in sidereins, and longlining must preface carrying a rider. 
The horse has to understand the aids, the gaits, and the equiptment.  He then learns to put this together with the trainer/teacher on his/her back. This gives the horse the time to mentally and physically adjust to his training, resulting in a happy and willing equine partner that is prepared for a long, productive, and healthy life.
*Please read Training Philosophy  see below